Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017: Week 1 - Class 2 Homework

Lookybook: Choose 2 titles that speak to you on a character level, that use page turns to strong advantage, and 2 more titles that speak to you on a composition level, to share in next class. Concentrate on layout and size of book as well. (4 books total)

Create three storyboard sketches from the manuscript you've chosen to work with

Create 5 sequential illustrations, telling a simple wordless story that you make up, with the theme of, "I did it!" - Keep in mind altering the perspective and employ black and white sketches or value studies

Read Chapter 6 - Perry Nodelman, "The Depiction of Action and the Passing of Time"

Final presentation book title or illustrator will be due next Thursday

Continue working on break-up of text

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