Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 Week 2 - Class 2 Homework

Continue developing and refining your main characters - try to have them nailed down.

Make clay models of your main characters

Build a model set to place your characters in for photography purposes

Draw a line art version of your characters - make 5 copies to use for color studies

Choose 2 to 5 books that have the color palette you have in mind for your book (you can use the color palettes in these books for your character color studies)

Keep working on and tightening up your storyboards - move to the larger storyboard template

Read Perry Nodelman, Chapter 3

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017: Week 2 - Class 1 Homework

Continue your character studies - consider style from realistic to simplified - where does your preference lie?

Create a line-up (rotated view) in b/w of one of your main characters (like the handout example of Hugo from SOAP).

Continue work on your storyboard

Looky Books: Pinpoint light direction on existing titles - find the most unusual light source you can

IMPORTANT: For next class - Bring a flashlight, camera, and shoebox (or cardboard, white poster board and boxes), and sculpting tools to class.

Your final project book title or illustrator is due Thursday.

Continue reading assigned texts.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017: Week 1 - Class 2 Homework

Lookybook: Choose 2 titles that speak to you on a character level, that use page turns to strong advantage, and 2 more titles that speak to you on a composition level, to share in next class. Concentrate on layout and size of book as well. (4 books total)

Create three storyboard sketches from the manuscript you've chosen to work with

Create 5 sequential illustrations, telling a simple wordless story that you make up, with the theme of, "I did it!" - Keep in mind altering the perspective and employ black and white sketches or value studies

Read Chapter 6 - Perry Nodelman, "The Depiction of Action and the Passing of Time"

Final presentation book title or illustrator will be due next Thursday

Continue working on break-up of text

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

2017: Week 1 - Class 1 Homework

Create 3 value studies of existing book covers - about 3" to 5" wide or tall.
Note: Be sure to bring the chosen books with you to class on Thursday!

Finish your value scales and practice drawing motor skills - with both hands!

Read Words About Pictures by Perry Nodelman
     Chapter 2: Format, design, visual features
     Chapter 5: Visual weight and directed tension: The relationship of visual elements to each other.

Looky Books: Bring a book with a cover that intentionally directs your eye. Choose a book we haven't discussed already.

Start saving/collecting boxes/cardboard for model-making.