Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 2 - Tuesday, June 30th - #3 Class - Homework

Continue your character studies - I'd like 10 fairly tight drawings of each character

LOOK AT BOOKS: Pinpoint light direction on existing titles - find the most unusual light source you can (1 book)

Continue working on your storyboard sketches - I'd like to see five new ideas

Continue reading assigned texts

Bring cardboard and boxes to class (shoebox) and a flashlight and camera (if you have them).

Keep collecting color swatches!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 1 - Thursday, June 25th - Class #2 Homework

For LOOK AT BOOKS: Choose 2 titles that speak to you on a character level, 2 that speak to you on a composition level, and 1 that handles text breaks/page turns especially well.

Read Perry Nodelman, Chapter 6 "The Depiction of Action and the Passing of Time."

Create three storyboard sketches from the manuscript you've chosen to work with.

Continue to create thumbnails for your chosen story.

Continue to work on the text breaks of your book - to go into a standard 32 picture book layout.

Choose the title you will use for your final presentation - title due Tuesday.

Create a sequence of 5 illustrations (about 3"x5" or so), altering perspective and POV (point of view) while telling a simple wordless story - theme: "I DID IT!"

Continue reading assigned books.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 1 - Tuesday, June 23rd - Class #1 Homework

1. Create 3 value studies (about 3"x5" each) of existing book covers. (Be sure to bring the books to class with you on Thursday!

2. Finish your value scales from class and continue to practice your drawing motor skills.

3. Read Words About Pictures by Perry Nodelman, Chapters 2 and 5

4. Bring in a book for LOOK AT BOOKS that applies concepts we used in class #1: How are the elements of design leading your eye around the page? How does the artist's choice of format, size, framing or full-bleed illustration give the viewer different experiences?

5. Start collecting color swatches of colors that appeal to you. Keep them in a small box or folder.

6. Start collecting show boxes or small cardboard boxes and containers that can be destroyed.

7. Be thinking about the book you would like to use for your final presentation. Your title will be due Thursday or Tuesday and your book will be pulled aside so that it can't be used in class discussions.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Important reminders for students in the MFA in Writing and Illustrating Children's Books and/or the Certificate in Children's Book Illustration Design class will be posted here, along with all homework assignments. Be sure to check in regularly!