Thursday, June 30, 2016

Week 2 - June 30 - #4 Class Homework

1. Continue work on your maquettes and models

2. Continue your character refinement – we’ll critique in Class 5
     a. Make 5 copies and use for color studies
     b. Tighten up your storyboards and start using your larger template – we’ll critique these in Class 5

3. Create 3 different b/w value-based thumbnails (index-card size) from your story with obvious light sources
     a. Think of yourself as the stage director
     b. Create values with simple shapes based on those light sources

4. Bring in your collected color swatches

     a. Read Chapter 3 of Words About Pictures by Perry Nodelman - “Style as Meaning”
     b. Choose 2 - 5 books which have the color palette of your story, then select colored pencils to match that palette. How does the color palette appeal to YOU, and how does it work with the story?
     c. Continue to read assigned books

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 2 - June 28 - #3 Class Homework

1. Continue your character studies – consider style from realistic to simplified - where does your preference lie?

2. Create a line-up (rotated view) in b/w of one of your main characters

3. Continue work on your storyboard

4. LOOK AT BOOKS: Pinpoint light direction on existing titles – find the most unusual light source you can

5. Continue reading assigned texts

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 1 - June 23 - #2 Class Homework

1. Choose 2 titles that speak to you on a character level, that use page turns to strong advantage, and 2 titles that speak to you on a composition level, to share in next class. Concentrate on layout and size of book as well. (4 total)

2. Create three storyboard sketches from the manuscript you’ve chosen to work with

3. Create a sequence of 5 illustrations, altering the perspective while telling a simple wordless story – theme: “I DID IT!”

4. Read Chapter 6 – Perry Nodelman “The Depiction of Action and the Passing of Time”

5. Continue to read assigned books

6. Final presentation book title will be due next Thursday

7. Continue working on break-up of text

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 1 - June 21 - #1 Class Homework

1. Create 3 value studies of existing book covers – about 3”x5” each Note! Be sure to bring the books with you to the next class!

2. Finish value scales and practice drawing motor skills

3. Words About Pictures by Perry Nodelman –
     a. Chapter 2: Format, design, visual features
     b. Chapter 5: Visual weight and directed tension: The relationship of visual elements to each other

4. Bring in a book for LOOK AT BOOKS: How are the elements of design leading your eye around the page? How does the artist’s choice of format, size, framing or full-bleed illustrations give the viewer different experiences?

5. Start collecting color swatches of colors that appeal to you. Keep them in a small box or folder.

6. Start collecting shoe boxes or small cardboard containers that can be destroyed.

For your Student Presentations on the last day of class, you will present a book of your choice (one we have not discussed in class). You will discuss its design and employ Nodelman, Kidd or Bang to support or challenge your points. You may also quote from other sources. Titles will be due next Wednesday, so that we keep them out of class discussions. (Some titles will not be available as they are already scheduled for class discussions.)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Welcome to Design 2016

Welcome students! Your homework assignments will be on a piece of paper tacked to the studio wall after each class. They will also be listed here in our Hollinzeen Magazine. So there is no way for you to miss your assignments! Of course, I hope you will be so inspired and excited, you will be working with passion throughout the semester. Enjoy!