Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 - Week 1 - Class 1 - Homework

I hope you enjoyed your intro to Picture Book Design today! Here is your homework for Thursday:

1) Draw the golden spiral/rectangle on some tracing paper. (I'll want to see this.) Browse some picture books placing your golden spiral/rectangle on top to see how it fits and if it works with the artwork you've chosen. Become aware of the golden spiral/rectangle in existing compositions.

2) Create 3 value studies of existing book covers - about 3"x5" each. Be sure to bring the books with you to the next class!

3) Read Perry Nodelman's Words About Pictures -
     Chapter 2: Format, design, visual features
     Chapter 5: Visual weight and directed tension: The relationship of visual elements to each other.

4) Bring in a book for LOOK AT BOOKS (can be one you are using for your cover study): How are the elements of design leading your eye around the page? How does the artist's choice of format, size, framing or full-bleed illustrations give the viewer different experiences?

5) Start collecting shoe boxes or small cardboard containers that can be destroyed. (They can go under the art supplies table.)

6) I’ll ask for your chosen story at the beginning of class. You will have until the end of class to change your mind.

7) Choose your illustrator or book to feature in your end-of-semester presentation (which will be about 20 minutes).

Monday, June 18, 2018

2018 Class Welcome

Welcome to Picture Book Design - 578 and 578s! Your homework assignments will be posted here each day and the videos and resources we discuss can also be accessed here. Think of this as our online hub.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

2017 - Week 5 - Class 2 - Homework

Work on finishing your cover illustration (can be line art, value rendered, or in color - but needs to be an image that would be finished enough to be taken to color, not a sketch-in-progress)

Finish Storyboards

Finish one color interior spread

Finish two final line drawings from interior (one of those can be the image you take to color, but it would be better if they are two other images)

Finish scanning all art for dummy with text applied (ready to print)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 - Week 5 - Class 1 - Homework

2 1/2 size color comps of your realized cover design (1 or 2 designs)

Lookybooks: 2 book covers that rely heavily on type treatments

Storyboard to dummy size - lay in type to size

Keep working towards one color interior final (if you need to go back and do value/character/light/color studies to accomplish this, do so)

2017 - Week 4 - Class 2 - Homework

Finish Storyboard

Complete and fully render one interior final piece at full size

We will go over Chip Kidd's GO in Lookybooks

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 - Week 4 - Class 1 - Homework

Lookybooks: Pick out books to evaluate for continuity of color palette, design, style, plot movement, etc. (You can pick out one that's doing this exceptionally well and/or one that's doing this poorly.) Continue working on storyboard, media studies, etc.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 - Week 3 - Class 2 - Homework

Create half-sized color/media studies (2 to 3) for one spread of your choice to determine your final medium of choice (or one that you’d like to experiment with)

Finish 2 final interior black and white drawings to full size (ready to be rendered drawings)

Continue tightening up storyboard

Lookybooks: Go over your mentor books more – reexamining color/layout/proportion. Share on Tuesday. Also: Select two books that have artwork rendered in ways you admire and/or hope to achieve

Bring your computer to the next class!